South of France & San Diego:

A successful collaboration

May 14th to 17th 2019


San Diego and the SOUTH Region in France are both the industrial cradle of dynamic sectors such as biotech, cleantech, bluetech, defense, aerospace, software, development, and tourism.

The main objective of the collaboration is to boost business development between both regions to encourage efficient and long-term partnerships by :

  • Welcoming French companies in San Diego
  • Promoting France and the South Region to the San Diego local business network
  • Helping California companies to develop their business and expand in France
  • Organizing events that will encourage the business community to foster partnerships
  • Increasing communication between the regions

To strengthen the collaboration between the two regions and create mutual benefits, a memorandum of understanding has been signed in February 2017 between San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Bernard Deflesselles, Regional Vice President of the South Region.

The San Diego French American Chamber of Commerce has been appointed to be the local representative of the South Alliance partnership.


The South Region in France is one of the world’s top tourism destinations as well as one of the most important concentrations of intellectual and technological resources in Europe. The region is strong and dynamic in many different economic sectors. Among them: telecommunications, microelectronics, digital technology, life sciences, aeronautics and astronautics, sea technologies, multimedia but also the agribusiness, chemical, logistics and luxury goods industries


In 2016, the region counted 26 000 R&D employees including 13 000 researchers and an annual R&D investment of 3 billion. Tourism is also a major asset for the region with an increase of 1.4% of tourists in 2015.


Globally, the South is the third economic region in France in terms of population and wealth. The region supports the creation of new businesses (+14.5% between 2010-1014). It attracts foreign investments: 1 740 companies with foreign capital representing 72 000 jobs.





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Partnership between THE SOUTH Region and San Diego

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