The opportunity for San Diego entrepreneurs and businesses to connect with their counterparts in the South of France is made possible by an agreement between the City of San Diego and the Region Sud (South Region) in France. The goal of the agreement is to facilitate economic interaction between the partner regions. To achieve this mission, the French-American Chamber of Commerce acts as a one-stop shop for your international business needs.

From November 5th to 9th, the Chamber is bringing 10 French businesses to San Diego, in partnership with BIOCOM, The Maritime Alliance and CleanTech San Diego. Those companies will be available to meet potential business partners and exchange about their projets on Nov. 6th, 7th and/or 8th. 

If you are interested in meeting with any of the following companies or would like more information about the business tour, please contact us.
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from Life Science, Maritime and Clean Tech industries.

Life Sciences

Biocellvia, a digital image analysis company that offers accurate, repeatable, and completely automated analysis of tissue sections for preclinical disease models. 

  • Compound validation assays for NASH, COPD, and IPF, with algorithms for several other pathologies in development.
  • Reducing analysis time from 6 weeks to 48 hours
  • Teams of biologists and software developers write programs based on biological and disease context through carefully curated studies 

Scinopsis, an experienced medical writing consultancy, providing high quality regulatory documents and medical communications for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. 

  • Over 30 years’ experience in medical writing
  • MDs and PhD scientists with expertise in all therapeutic areas and indications
  • They are all native English, or equivalent, with excellent writing and communication skills.
  • 30 SOPs in full compliance with EMA, FDA and ICH guidelines
  • Scinopsis already works regularly with one US client and is considering opening an office in San Diego in 2019 

LiticaLabs has developed Beautylitic, the first SAAS Cosmetics Analysis platform for retailers. 

  • They offer a full analysis of the cosmetic product line through an algorithm based on the international scientific research
  • They combine cutting-edge expertise in green chemistry, chemical ingredients and clean cosmetics with the development of innovative technological solutions.  

Centaur Clinic is a clinical testing CRO catering to medical device developers. Building on their history of expertise in medical device development, Centaur is seeking a distributor to facilitate the release of their own Class 1 medical device


Notilo Plus, the inventor of iBubble, the first drone that reinvented the way to film underwater: 

  • iBubble is autonomous, wireless and smart
  • The strength of iBubble is its ability to film underwater landscapes from every angle 
  • The drone is environmentally friendly, it allows remote filming scenarios and has a replaceable battery
  • It acts like a personal cameraman and can also be used for hull inspection
  • With its wire option, iBubble becomes the best ROV on the market

Azoth Systems, which developed O’Dive, an IOT helping divers to adapt their diving practice and better prevent decompression sickness. 

  • IOT customizes diving procedure (decompression profile) to each individual 
  • IOT is detecting circulating microbubbles resulting from the dive after the surface
  • The App is measuring the quality of diving practice and providing with customized advice
  • Technology is patented and algorithms result from a deep R&D effort  

Gyptis International, has been designing Port Community Systems for more than 30 years, using this unique experience to develop its 3rd and latest system: CI5, to be launched this fall. 

  • CI5 connects the whole port community onto the same platform to access and share information: shipping lines/terminal operators/customs/freight forwarders/truckers/port authorities… 
  • CI5 cuts drastically documentation process costs, fastening the import/export steps and offering live time info on goods status and physical position with maximum data security
  • Gyptis is currently working with 13 different port communities and won the gold IT award at IAPH 30th conference in Indonesia (May 2017) with the port of Marseilles


Pytheas Technology designs innovative piezoelectric systems and their associated electronics in the field of underwater acoustics, vibration damping, and electricity generation.  

  • A breakthrough PTO designed for renewables using the piezoelectric effect that increases renewable energy production efficiency and decreases electricity production costs 
  • Low-speed, medium-power power take-off market for “medium current” Marine or River Hydrokinetic (<2m/s), very low head hydropower (VLH: <1.5m) and wave energy
  • A vibration damper which absorbs the vibrations after releasing electricity. Can be applied to industrial pipes, E.V. vibrations and noise, and other various industries.

Dual Sun is a French manufacturer that has developed an innovative, patented and award-winning PVT (photovoltaic and thermal) solar panel:

  • Dualsun solar panel allows to produce 15% more electricity than a standard PV panel
  • Their solar panel 2-in-1 generates simultaneously electricity and hot water for homes and swimming pools 
  • Their manufacturing is done exclusively in France to maintain high-quality standards 
  • The installation is simple and attractive in design, ideal for residential and commercial use 
  • DualSun has over 800 installations in Europe and recently secured a successful partnership in Australia. 

Lumi’In is a company that supplies off-grid smart street lights:

  • Economical and ecological autonomous smart street lights 
  • They can supply energy to any other application in the smart city: Wifi Extender, Camera, smartphones charger, meteorological sensor, any IOT device … 
  • IOT: sharing data thanks to sensors, preventing and informing people from natural disasters (floods, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.)
If you would like to have more information about the business tour or the French companies coming, 
feel free to contact us.