About the French Region Sud

Located in the south-eastern most area of the French mainland, Region Sud offers a stunning combination of three notable areas; Provence, the Alpes, and the Cote d’Azur. This makes the region incredibly versatile, it has a wealth of both culture and economic prowess.

Its extensive history, forged over the millennia, has shown the region to be dynamic and constantly progressing through technological innovation, international investment and its privileged diplomatic position within the Mediterranean.

Its capital, Marseille, has the top port in France and the forth largest in Europe. It is the largest dry dock in the Mediterranean. Close to 45,000 jobs are involved in its running whilst over 2.5m passengers pass through each year. Yet it still boasts of container numbers 7% above the European average. The port successfully serves over 400 ports globally. Region Sud also holds the Port of Toulon, the largest navy base in Europe.

The region also leads in several technological sectors. Nice is consistently in the top 5 smartest cities in the world as well as the second french tourist destination. Nice also has an impressive health cluster, along with other ground breakers in its Eco-Vallée.

Region Sud is an incredibly attractive investment opportunity. If you’d like to learn more please take a look at our South of France Business Starter 2019: