Language Academy

The Language Academy is a public school in the San Diego Unified School District that offers students the unique opportunity to become biliterate in either Spanish and English or French and English. Additionally, students gain knowledge and an appreciation of the history and culture of the language they study.

The Language Academy is a single-track, year-round K-8 school with an emphasis on second language acquisition and culture. With its immersion programs, students acquire literacy in English and either French or Spanish. All students are expected to meet the California standards in all subject areas. 

Please visit Language Academy’s website for further information.

Contact Details:
Language Academy
(619) – 287 – 1182

La Petite Ecole

La Petite Ecole de San Diego is a non-profit, non-discriminatory, bilingual and accredited school for all children aged 2 to 12 years old. The school adheres to the challenging curriculum of the world-renowned French Ministry of Education while exceeding Californian academic standards.

La Petite Ecole’s program is based on early French immersion from preschool to junior kindergarten and then 80% of its program is taught in French and 20% in English. Music, Sports and Art are mandatory in its program. At La Petite Ecole the students are in a French environment, learning the French education thanks to passionate and well-qualified teachers who are native speaking. They are promoting at the same time the French culture and the development of life values within our international community. 

Visit La Petite Ecole’s website for additional information.

Contact Details:
(858) – 274 – 2890

Ooh La La French Language Tutoring

Ooh La La French Language Tutoring offers French tutoring and teaching for French speakers and non-French speakers of all ages and levels. From private lessons at home for children or adults, to discussions and grammar lessons, Ooh La La! French Language Tutoring” is what you need.

All Ooh La La French Language Tutoring’s teachers are native French speakers with many years of experience and the organization’s policy, regardless of the option chosen, is limiting the number of students per group at only 5 for more teachings efficiency.

Further information can be found on Oh La La French Language Tutoring’s website

Contact Details:
Ooh La La French Language Tutoring
(858) – 405 – 1756 / (858) – 344 – 7298

San Diego French American School

San Diego French-American School (SDFAS) provides a rigorous French-American language immersion curriculum for children in pre-elementary – 8th grade. AT SDFAS, students are exposed to a unique international experience that prepares them for the world that awaits them. Students are equipped with a distinct intellectual, social, and cultural edge to excel in a global society and economy. They are multi-cultural, multi-talented, and world ready.

For further information, visit the SD French-American School’s website.

Contact Details:
Catherine Olive (Director of Admissions)
(858) – 456 – 2807 x306