Business Development

Over the last 2 years, we helped set up 100+ meetings for our 20+ clients with leading U.S businesses to explore business opportunities. We were able to bring our clients into a meeting with decision makers in  Intel, Wilson, Callaway, Under Armour, Bank of the West, General Motors, Mazda, Hyundai, to name a few. As a chamber of commerce we're also able to connect our clients with city officials in Seattle, Houston, New York, etc.

Networking /Connections

• Connect with legal experts

• Access to CPA & Taxes specialists

• Navigate business complexities with expert guidance

• Tap into our extensive network • Connect with relevant


• Opportunity for strategic collaborations


• Account Manager + Sales Representative at your disposal to outreach and prospect new customers

• Booking relevant meetings with on target leads that have expressed interest

• Prospect relevant targets and customers in various industries across North America (USA, Canada, Mexico)

Market Strategy

• Value proposition

• Brand positioning

• Ideal Customer Profile

• Ideal contact persona

• Outreach message & strategy

Lead Discovery Meetings
• Avg of 4 on target sales opportunities a month

• Account manager participating in all meetings for support if needed

• Meetings with warm, qualified leads that already know about and are interest in your value proposition

Companies we've supported in the last 2 years




We would love to support your US expansion project. 

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I wish to emphasize the high quality of work in creating promoting and conducting this tour. I strongly recommend them without reservation, and we at Biocom look forward to working with them again in the future. Joe Panetta CEO, Biocom


Il y a une forte probabilité que des contrats soient signés dans les prochaines semaines / mois. Powersys est extrêmement satisfait du travail effectué et recommande vivement ces services à toute autre société à la recherche de clients et d'activités supplémentaires. Olivier Toury CEO, Powersys


La mission a été parfaitement accomplie avec l'identification de nouveaux prospects chaque semaine. Certaines de ces actions ont déjà conduit à la mise en place de services de centaines de milliers de dollars. Bruno Buisson  CSO and President, Neuroservices-Alliance

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