Employment services

The San Diego French American Chamber of Commerce is providing employment and recruiting services through their very extensive network. We have access to large corporations and top talent, and our mission is to match the ideal candidate to each position we are recruiting for.

Intern with us!

We are looking for interns in Business Development and Marketing. The San Diego French American Chamber of Commerce could be the ideal place for you to interact with a solid business network and gain experience within a business setting. We are centrally located in San Diego, and our staff members will be able to help you with the logistics during the time of your internship. Please e-mail the following address: info@france-sandiego.org

Looking for a position?

You are interested in submitting your resume to our database?
We often receive job postings from employers that are looking for top quality talent and trust our experts with recruiting services.
You want to be in the talent pool’s priority list when an employer is looking for a candidate with your skill set and experience level.
Stay in the loop as we will post job opportunities when they arise.
Please e-mail the following address: info@france-sandiego.org

Employers looking to hire

Interested in posting a job offer on our website? Would you like to have access to our database of candidates? We have access to top international talent in various fields, most of them being bilingual. We carefully screen each relevant candidate, ensuring that their profile and experience match your company’s culture.
To inquire about our recruiting services, please e-mail the following address: info@france-sandiego.org

Other job services

Call us at (619) 230-5257 or email us at info@france-sandiego.org