Southern France
The South of France Region in San Diego We like to call it home Business partnerships have been occurring since 2014. Each year, in Southern France, delegations meet up. Some of the companies of each territories who want to cross the Atlantic are: Abreos Bioscience, Neuroservice, Eurobiomed and Biocom. The […]

South of France has arrived in San Diego!

Paris Climate Agreement
Trump decides to leave Paris Climate Agreement: Macron’s view A very recent “hot” topic on the news has been President Trump’s decision on the Paris Climate Agreement. Early yesterday morning, President Trump announced that the US would withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change. “I don’t want anything to get […]

NEWS UPDATE: Trump and the Paris Climate Agreement

The French American Chamber of Commerce welcomes the “Startup Tour 2017”, organized by French Founders and French Morning. The French American Chamber of Commerce welcomes the first ever “Startup Tour”, a competition co-organized by French Founders and French Morning. The Startup Tour, 2017 edition, is a great opportunity to encourage the growth of French […]

STARTUP TOUR 2017 – A great opportunity for French startups

The new French President welcomes American researchers working on climate changes and environmental issues Take a look at this short video of the newly elected President of France, Emmanuel Macron. In this video, Emmanuel Macron invites American climate changes researchers threatened by Trump’s agenda to move to France. “We like innovation, […]

Climate changes: Macron welcomes American researchers in France

Trade mission
February Trade Mission Will Further Unite Southern California and the South of France A high-profile trade mission from the south of France will visit the Greater San Diego Area during the renowned Oceanology International trade show as part of a long-standing initiative to bring the two major economies closer together. […]

Trade mission in San Diego